90 Days to financial liberation and becoming a Badass in Business ™


For when you are done with trying to do it alone! 

  • You are Done with scrapping by each month!

    If month after month no matter how much you make the net result is stuggling to pay all the bills, then this is the program to change all of that.  Even if you have tried and failed to change this in the past. 

  • You are ready to dig in and make a change!

    There is a shift that happens when we are actually ready. The energy of "this if fucking changing come hell or high water" clicks in and that  is when you know you are ready to put your money down and dig in. 

  • You are super talented and yet can't seem to get it together

    The most talented people are often the ones who struggle the most to get their business rocking. Why? They are so wrapped up in perfectionism that they often miss out on actually getting their shit out there. They miss the opportunities. They are focused on what they think is broken about them. 

    If this is you, there is good news! Read on! 

  • You have a really great product or service that the world needs

    The people I get the best results with are highly talented  (even if they don't believe it yet), and are on a mission to make an impact with their work. They long to help thousands if not millions of people with what they have to offer and they need help to get their.  

Why This Course? Why Now?

  • 1

    You have a good idea of what you should be doing to grow your business.

    You have been taking a good stab at working the business and finding clients, but your results are not consistent. It is time for an outside objective perspective to make those tweaks that you are missing on your own. 

    It might be cheaper in the short term to do it alone and dig through the massive information that is out there for free, but I can promise you that it will take you WAY longer and you will be missing out on more income than the cost of this course with that approach.  

  • 2

    Even when you know what to do, you can't quite get yourself to take action.

    I get it!! I have so been here myself and I have found some awesome shortcuts to get you out of your own way. No matter what the cause is, the tools will work to untangle you from being the roadblock to your success. Energy tools are the fastest most effective thing I have found over the last 25 years of working with clients and I have refined this into a repeatable process. 

    You are going to be able to use this again and again as you continue to uplevel in your business. 

  • 3

    You are ready for money to show up!

    Money has become this crazy thing that we have a million ideas, perceptions, beliefs and judgments about. ALL of which are reeking havoc in your ability to create sustainable consistent money flows. 

    It is time to throw all that shit out the window and get you rocking on being the Badass Abundance Manifestor with ease. 

    If you have had success or money in the past, then you are perfect for this course. It is far easier to get someone back on track a second time around then doing it in the first place. 

  • 4

    You love the idea of a group for support and more!

    There are some really cool things that happen when people come together in a group, and it is uncanny how much aligned the group ends up being in what is needed and what your individual challenges are. 

    With a group, someone will ask the very question that you could not put words to but needed to ask.

    Plus, you get to meet and deeply connect with up to 9 other people who are on the same journey, know your pain and are willing to cheer you on as you cheer them on. 

  • 5

    You love a good deal!

    I have been running this program as a group program with fantastic results!.  

    So if you are like me and know a bargain when you see it, jump on this! 

Here's What You'll Get!

When you have hit the point of "This is fucking changing!" then you will find you take massive action and implement tools and strategies that are needed to take your business to the next level. 

The Strategy Call

You and I will sit down for 1 hour and map out the practical aspects of what you need to implement in your business. 

Weekly Coaching Calls

You and 9 other Badass's will meet weekly for 60 min calls. Each call we are going to clear out the crap that stops you from rocking your biz. 

Study Lab

You will be paired up with others in the group to run through and perfect your sales pitches. This is invaluable and often missing from programs. 


Join the private FB group for support between calls from me and your peers. 

Pre-recorded Trainings

To maximize our coaching calls, training like how to run an effective sales call will be pre-recorded and then we can focus on your resistance for coaching! 

Lifetime Access

You will have access to all the tools, and bonus materials for life. Including any new materials that get added as the groups develop. 

About Your Guide

After 25 years with clients, I have been able to watch what works consistently and what does not. I am so excited to bring you the tools that work for me and my clients.

This program represents the core of the work that my 1:1 clients pay for. 


I will let you know that if you have not met me yet, I am far from the run of the mill coach. I bring my past as a Dominatrix, a wicked sense of humor that I am not afraid to deploy, and a deep commitment to your success. 

Dana Pharant

Master Healer & LIfe Strategist

Maybe this is for you... Let's talk first!

Not sure if you should invest?  Let's set up a call to make sure this is the right fit for you before you put your money down. 


Not everyone is right for this program, by getting on the phone we can talk about if this would provide you and your business the ROI you need to have it make sense to invest. I am happy to tell you if it is the wrong fit. 


Kelly Gringon

Life Coach

$69.000 Month!!!

"I was doing month end paperwork and I realized, “OMG! This was a $69,000 month! I’m WELL on the path to what Dana helped me uncover a few short months ago!!!”

Cindy Ashton

Singer, TV Show Host 

So talented!!

I have experienced beyond mind blowing the shifts and growth in me. Dana is amazing at helping women own their power so they ask for what they want and grow their businesses.

Chrisopher Kent

Life & Fitness Coach

Seriously the Best coach!

Seriously, so strong, intuitive, and kind hearted as well. She has supported me in growing a coaching business that made about 2k per month to 12.5k ...being me and doing the deep energetic soul centered work that allows for me to remain in abundance mindset at all times. So much love, peace, and gratitude to you Dana. 

Jean Leggett

CFO - One More Story Games

A Fantastic Coach!

Dana really helps me clear my head of BS stuff I tell myself and pushes me to go the distance I know I can go and beyond.
In the past four months alone, Blair and I have seriously up-leveled our mindset and the daily actions of our business. Dana has been instrumental!

Lisa Fox

Real Estate Agent

Even my husband thanks you

I got more personal growth out of working with Dana than at a 4 Day Tony Robbins event!

And things have shifted so much that my husband often says "Thank you Dana!" 

Carole Parsons Schafer 

Sugar C Media

Best Investment!!

I have gotten more results in 2 sessions with Dana than I did in months with other programs. 

Clients are showing up and closing with ease since I said YES to working with this amazing woman!

Is this Course Right for You?

You are talented - everyone tells you that and yet you are not making the money. It is time to get you unlocked and making money like a Badass in Business™ 
You know roughly what you need to do, but somehow can't get yourself pulling the trigger consistantly.

You are finally ready to actually take action!


  • You are willing to finally dig in with support and guidance to make your business profitable

  • You love energy shifting tools and are willing to play full out.

  • You know that with support you can do this!

  • You have had success in the past and this time you want to go beyond that. 


  • You want to get money without any effort.

  • You have never had a single client in your business.

  • You are not willing to do something different. 

  • You need 1000% guarantees of success before taking action. 


If you have shown up for all the coaching calls, participated in the calls,  applied all the tools, implemented the strategy laid out in the strategy call with Dana,  and you are not feeling a shift in your relationship to your money and your business then we will refund your program. 


There will be a required phone conversation with Dana prior to the refund being issued. 

Let's Get you In for this group!

Program starts Aug 7, 2018

Coaching calls are on Tuesdays at 4 PM EST - weekly

All calls are recorded!

Pay in Full



One time USD

3 Monthly Installments



per month USD


In case you still have concerns....

How do I know if this will work for me?

What if I do not see any increase in my business?

What kind of ROI should I expect?

How much time will this course require?

What if I can't afford this?

I have been burned before on coaching programs, how do I know if I can trust this?

Dana Pharant - Inner Dominatrix™

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