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Since working with Dana the drama has gone to zero, my income has quadrupled, and my ability to manifest has become like magic!  This book is a must-read.” - Cindy Ashton -Singer, Performance Coach, TV Host

Does this happen to you?

You get this fantastic idea as well as the exact steps you need to take to make it happen. Then when you go to put the plan in place, you suddenly find a million reasons why it will not work, why you should not.

You give up and go back to eating pizza and watching Netflix only to be frustrated with not being able to make yourself complete it this time. 

Here is the thing, it is not your fault!

You can't willpower through anything. You have to change the core beliefs that are keeping you looping in this pattern. 

We are hardwired to keep ourselves safe, so as long as there is some interesting reason why taking action is not safe - even if it is not logical - you are not going to be able to "just do it". 

Stop making yourself wrong!

Dana Pharant manages a wonderfully fine balance of combining a sense of fun and irreverancy with proven grounded self-improvement processes that have worked for her many clients, making for a uniquely entertaining, insightful, powerful and inspiring read. I walked away from this book feeling empowered, enlightened and just a little more badass in my own approach to business and to life.

Mark Leslie Lefebvre 

Writer, Bookseller, POD & eBook Keener, Book Nerd

Dana’s transformation from her experience in a cult, to becoming a badass in business is nothing short of inspirational. Her raw, real and honest approach to guiding you towards a deeper truth about your limitlessness may not be what you expect - but may be exactly what you need!

Codi Shewan

Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

I'am on page ten now and am taking notes! This is transforming me!

For me, you give info, explanation, but also leave room for questions..... which makes for an excellent writer.... it keeps them reading.
The other angle of intrigue is “how does all this translate into business?”


Louise Buckley