It is time for you to claim your
Badass Intuition 
and ramp up your income with it.

In one 30 day period I brought in just over $24,000 into my bank account from following my intuition and it is time for you to do that and more!





7 pm EST - Jun 24th, July 9 & 23
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Human Lie Detector

How much money have you lost from not following your intuition?

How many times have you followed someone who sounded like they knew what they were doing but failed to deliver the goods and you then had to hire a real expert to help you?


I know I have lost HUGE amounts of money over the years. Like hundreds of thousands of dollars if I am to be honest. 


This part of the course is essential to you being able to follow that intuitive knowing, to trust yourself. I am so excited for you to get mastery over this skill. It is a game changer!


This base piece will save you thousands of dollars and untold time, plus lay the foundation for your Badass Intuition bringing you in the bucks that you know you are capable of. 

The Intuitive Business Plan that Works!

I swear I have tried all the systems and experts out there, and they DON'T work for one simple reason. 


The system is for them - not ME!

We are all unique and we need to lean into that uniqueness to make our business actually work. 


Sure a system sounds super sexy; follow XYZ and you will find riches. 


Ugh! If only!


Sorry, not sorry but you are going to need to trust YOU as the expert if you want to see the rewards you are looking for. 


You need to get honest, trust and follow YOUR knowing. 


We are diving into the tools to guide you to find exactly what will work for YOU! 


And the super cool thing is that you can use this tool over and over again to keep ramping your business up. 

Removing The Crap

It would not be complete without looking at the bullshit and lies you have rolling around in your system that are ready to get evicted so that you can actually follow YOUR knowing. 


This is always super fun, and tailored for each group. I love how synchronicity shows up again and again for groups so that the people in the group are exactly who you need to connect and interact with to move you forward. 


Yes, there is a process and tools for this, AND this is also an intuitive process pulling in my awareness training from the past 26 years working with clients and the power of the group to create dynamic and lasting changes. 


You will have fun home-play between sessions to speed things up as well as what is covered in the group calls. 

I have just started to lean into these tools and I reached out to 2 people for 12k consults - both said yes, and I reached out to another 7 people and all said yes to a $700 program.

M Shannon Hernandez, The Confident Expert Founder

Early Bird Bonuses

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and you will get these incredible fast action bonuses! 

Here is your first lesson on trusting your intutition...

If you check in and ask if this course will make you at least a 2x ROI (although I aim for way more than that for you), then push the button and act on that knowing right now. 

  • Access To Intuitive Art Class

    You get a $49 ticket to an incredible Intuitive Art class that will be facilitated by Carrie Roldan on in July (date TBA)

  • A suprise bonus! 

    TBA - I love to suprise people with some extra goodies!! 

  • 1 Hour 1:1 session with Dana Pharant (me)

    This session can be used before or after the class to get your business rocking or dig into anything you need to blast out of your system so that you can ramp up your business. Value of $350

Okay, so I’ve been taking Intuition Boot Camp seriously and doing the damn thing. Holy fuck... I didn’t realize how much my limitation was ‘snuffing out’ my higher self. All the second guessing and back and forth. It’s feeling so freeing, making a decision and sticking with it.

It takes the charge off my decisions and allows me to make them purely from what my heart, soul and pussy desire. There’s no “getting it right.” I get to be supported financially and in ALL ways because I fucking do.

Kat Trimarco, Spiritual Psychology Coach

Do You Have questions ? 
Not sure if this is right for you?


Let's get on a quick call over zoom so I can answer ALL you questions. 


I am honored that you are considering trusting me with your business and training you to use your intuition to ramp things up. I am happy to take some time to make sure you are excited for this course and what it will do for you. 


Becoming a badass in life and business requires you to stand in your power and be super comfy with being unique! Dana Pharant knows ALL about standing out and being unique. Her personal brand of the Inner Dominatrix pushes people out of their comfort zone, challenges their preconceived notions and has them stepping into a fierce determination to rock their Bold, Sexy Fun-Filled Lives!

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