Trauma Release Program! - Time to Break Free!

There are some things in your life that you don't even realize are affecting you until they are gone. 

For me that was the sexual trauma. I had no idea how deeply it was affecting my life until I was able to untangle it from my body. 


That is why I long to share this with you. For you to experience even a slice of that freedom in your body, in your relationships and in your business!

This program has now been moved to my give back work!


That means that it is totally free for you!


In exchange for your email you get full access to the foundational tools that could change your life - if you use them! 

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You! - We would rather you be a happy customer and buy lots of stuff from us. 

  • Easy to use tools for deep lasting change

    It really is possible to have deep and lasting change with a simple easy tool! 

    It does not have to be painful or require you to re-live any experiences in order for you to change the impact they have on your life. 


    If you use this system, you will gradually loosen the effect of the trauma and feel more and more ease in your body. 

  • Follow along scripts to make it easier for you to clear

    Audio and video training and clearing recordings that you can simply follow along with and clear out the trauma from your body. 

  • Energetic Clearing Guided Meditation

    Put on the Guided Meditation and relax, the recording will take you through the healing process that is gentle and relaxing. 


    Use the recording as many times as you would like, each time will take you into deeper healing. 

Dana Pharant

Having been through various sexual traumas and harrassment in my life, I get what it is like to suffer. I know how much it sucks!

My personal journey to healing took me to some rather unusal places and experiences. Allowing me to untangle the hurt and trauma from my body and to reclaim all the power I had given away. 


Since that time, I have been on a mission to show others how they can find freedom from the past and reclaim their personal power. 


I am not one for the fluff or long drawn out processes. I keep searching for faster, simplier, easier and more effective ways of working with my clients. Which has pulled me deeply into the energetic psychotherapy tools. 


It continues to amaze me, how fast and how deep things can change when the client is ready! 

"I no longer feel the need for revenge. Thank you so much Dana, this is a game changer" - Jessie Brandon

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