This energy based clearing process is a great tool for you to use on a regular basis as a way to help yourself clear out all of the crap and heaviness from your system. Day to day, we pick up things from other people or places or things.  This process will work to clear that out of your body and energy system. Getting to a place where you experience ease in your body and your live requires you to do regular clearing. Feel free to return to this page at anytime and share it with your friends too.

The "video" is audio over a static image, make sure you have your sound on to enjoy! 

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Dana Pharant

As a former Dominatrix, I am your guide to bringing in the energy of your Inner Dominatrix™ into your life and your business. 

The energy of the Dominatrix is about power, but not as you might think.  Instead of a power over, it is a power with and through others.  Blending the best of the feminine and masculine energies available to all of us regardless of gender propel us forward in our lives and in our business.


She challenges you to see the world without judgement, to question your long-held perceptions and conceptions of who you are and of what you are capable.


She also invites you to stand in authentic confidence, welcoming all of the ups and downs that will come your way, riding them all with ease and grace.

The most unusual approach to business I have every seen. ~ Barb Strulemmer - Master Business Strategist

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