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Since working with Dana my income has quadrupled, the drama has gone to zero,and my ability to manifest has become like magic!  This book is a must-read.” - Cindy Ashton -Singer, Performance Coach, TV Host

Everyone wants their business to be a success. What if I could give you a tool to help you get there? 



"Dana Pharant manages a wonderfully fine balance of combining a sense of fun and irreverancy with proven grounded self-improvement processes that have worked for her many clients, making for a uniquely entertaining, insightful, powerful and inspiring read. I walked away from this book feeling empowered, enlightened and just a little more badass in my own approach to business and to life."

Mark Leslie Lefebvre - Writer

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“Dana’s transformation from her experience in a cult, to becoming a badass in business is nothing short of inspirational. Her raw, real and honest approach to guiding you towards a deeper truth about your limitlessness may not be what you expect - but may be exactly what you need!”

Codi Shewan

Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

“ I’ve been taking Intuition Boot Camp seriously and doing the damn thing. Holy fuck... I didn’t realize how much my limitation was ‘snuffing out’ my higher self. All the second guessing and back and forth. It’s feeling so freeing, making a decision and sticking with it. ”

Kat Trimarco

Spiritual Advisor, Sex Coach, Author

"Dana's work was instrumental in moving me out of overwhelm, letting go of running my business from the draining push energy for a more fulfilling and successful business. I love how she has brought so much of her story and her gifted tools into this book."

Odette Peek

Soul Story Strategist

“Dana shares a unique perspective that allows any business owner or entrepreneur to step into their greatest power with both courage and authentic grace, UNapologetically. This is a must read if you want you to get your message out into the world in a way that will create positive transformation for millions.”

Davide Di Giorgio

Speaker and International Best Selling Author of Being Unapologetic

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