"Since working with Dana the drama in my life has gone to zero, my income has quadrupled, and my ability to manifest has become like magic this book is a must-read.” - Cindy Ashton, Singer, TV Show Host, Performance Coach

Everyone wants their business to be a success. What if I could give you a tool to help you get there?

You can become a BADASS in Business!

"Real and honest approach to guiding you towards a deeper truth about your limitlessness may not be what you expect - but may be exactly what you need!” - Codi Shewan - Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Consultant 



You have done all the things, right?


You have been to the Tony Robbins ra ra weekends, you have been through modalities like EFT, NLP, Access Consciousness or Landmark.


Me too!!


I had done all the things and yet there was shit that was not working for me, especially in my business. Where was the money that was promised if I did that affirmation a 100 times a day???


Things did not radically change until I discovered how to bring my Inner Dominatrix™ into all aspects of my work. 


Say what???


Yup! My Inner Dominatrix™ 


You see, I spent 6 years exploring both sides of the whip, and the most incredible thing happened that I never expected to happen. 


My time as a submissive allowed me to recreate past traumas but script a different outcome that allowed me to experience profound healing and release decades of depression from my body. Reclaiming the power that I had lost all those years before. It was so incredible. 


That, of course, is what inspired me to become a Dominatrix. To take others on this magical journey of empowerment and transformation. Which of course changed me at the same time. 


You see, being a dominatrix is hard work, you have to show up fully present, and willing to be larger than life. There is no room for doubt in the dungeon, and I needed to be that person for the submissive. They were counting on me. 


Talk about throwing yourself into the deep end and figuring out how to swim. 


But with the help of some incredible mentors, swim I did!


I discovered how to stand in this power, not power over as it often looks but power with and through the submissive. Holding the container so that they could let go and surrender. Releasing the stress and finding a deep spiritual connection to themselves. 


It was incredible, and I really wanted to share this with people in business because I could see how these skills would be invaluable to anyone in business. 


The thing is, not too many wanted to come to the Dungeon. Lol. 


Well, if they would not come to the dungeon to learn the Dominatrix skills, then I needed to create the Inner Dominatrix™ for them to access the energy of this archetype in their business instead. 


And that is what has created the birthing of this book! 


A guide to get you stepping into your Inner Dominatrix™ so that you can become a Badass In Business!