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Dana Pharant

As a former Dominatrix, I am your guide to bringing in the energy of your Inner Dominatrix™ into your life and your business. 

When I am firmly in my Inner Dominatrix™ energy, my close rate is about 80%. Which is unheard of in any industry!

When I am not, I am crippled like the vast majority of people and I am lucky to close 10-15% of the sales calls. This is why it is so vital for me to share the secrets of the Dominatrix with you! I want you to be earning the kind of money that you need to in order to fund the life you desire. 


With 26 years of running businesses, 25 years of working with clients and 28 years of personal development I bring a wide range of skils and perspective to my clients. 

The most unusual approach to business I have every seen. ~ Barb Strulemmer - Master Business Strategist

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