"Since working with Dana the drama in my life has gone to zero, my income has quadrupled, and my ability to manifest has become like magic this book is a must-read.” - Cindy Ashton, Singer, TV Show Host, Performance Coach

Everyone wants their business to be a success. What if I could give you a tool to help you get there?

You can become a BADASS in Business!

"Real and honest approach to guiding you towards a deeper truth about your limitlessness may not be what you expect - but may be exactly what you need!” - Codi Shewan - Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Consultant 


Becoming a badass in life and business requires you to stand in your power and be super comfy with being unique! Dana Pharant knows ALL about standing out and being unique. Her personal brand of the Inner Dominatrix pushes people out of their comfort zone, challenges their preconceived notions and has them stepping into a fierce determination to rock their Bold, Sexy Fun-Filled Lives!

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